About 1tunerOne web app to listen to audio streams 🎵

Here you can listen to online radio stations and podcasts. And create your own ideal radio listening day, so the player switches between radio streams automatically.

This is a free web app - just add this site to your homescreen and you're good to go!

Cookies, tracking, privacy...

I guess I'm not that much interested in you! However, to keep things functional:

  • I'm using Google Analytics to track the amount of visitors (anonimized IPs and no user tracking).
  • Some basic information is stored in your browser for your preferences and to store your playlists.
  • The audio and logos are loaded from the radio stations / podcast sources directly or via cloudinary.com. Radio stations or podcast providers may use some sort of tracking on the media requests.
  • The Apple iTunes Search API is used for the podcast search functionality.
  • If needed, the podcast RSS feed will be requested via a pass-through website, currently via a Cloudflare Worker.


This is a little side project from Robin Bakker. Read more: Creating a web app as side project. You can find 1tuner at GitHub as well.
Do you miss a feature? Spotted a bug? Oh no! Please let me know: @1tuner.

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v 2.5.4